Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday 8-18-2017

Please remember if you did not sign up to stay after school Monday, August 21st you will be dismissing at 12 o'clock. A link to a NASA video describing how to construct a cereal pinhole projector can be found here.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday 8-15-2017

There has been a schedule change for Monday, August 21st. Because we learned that the glasses, purchased through Flinn Scientific a very credible name in the industry did not meet their internal safety standard the school will not be able to provide a safe viewing opportunity. We will start classes at the regular time of 8:15 however we will be dismissing students at 12 o'clock that day.

Several students have raised concerns about the safety of viewing glasses purchased from different vendors. You can find links to the NASA and American Astronomical Association websites concerning viewing safety and reputable vendors of solar glasses. 

Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday 8-7-2017

6th Grade Earth Science
Mr. Chris Jones

Welcome to Sixth Grade Earth Science! I am looking forward to this coming school year. This is my third year at George Walton Academy so I am looking forward to developing a connection with the school community. Sixth grade is a time for change in the lives of the students and I am looking forward to being a guide for your students during this transition.

Below you will find some information about what to expect in this class and some expectations I have for the students.

  • Studying: Science is a very complex and often difficult subject to master. For students to fully grasp the concepts covered in class it will be very important that they complete all homework assignments before entering the classroom so that they will be prepared for that day’s lesson. The other sixth grade teachers and I will be working with the students to develop skills to make this process easier.
  • Safety: Unlike other subjects, science is a very hands on subject. Students will be completing experiments and lab activities, so safety is very important in the laboratory during these assignments. Your students will receive a Laboratory Safety Contract; please review this document with your student and have them return the signed portion.
  • RenWeb: RenWeb will be used for communication between students, parents, and myself. I will be updating the student grades through the website as frequently as possible so it is important to check the site often.  
  • Communication: George Walton Academy strives to stay on top of current technology to communication about school assignments and events. I will be using a blog to communicate with the class about assignments and activities this can be found at ( I will also be using RenWeb to update the class and parents about new notification to the blog site. In the event that other communication mediums come into use I will provide information as it becomes available.
  • Daily Assignments:  Students will be completing daily work in class. Additionally there will also be assignments for the students to complete outside of the classroom.
The assignment length may vary but the completion time should be reasonable. Each of your student’s teachers will be using a blog for updates on assignments. Any handout given as classwork or homework will be found in the Content Library of your student’s OneNote account. If students are absent it is their responsibility to collect missed class work. Any missed assignments will be marked in the grade book with a one, after the assignment is turned in the grade will be changed to reflect the new grade. Make up work will be expected the day after the student returns to school. In the case of extended absences other arrangements can be made upon request.    
  • Test and Quizzes: There will be a test at the completion of each chapter. Your student should expect to be quizzed over the material being covered that week. Mrs. White will be keeping a calendar in her classroom of test and quiz dates as a reminder for students. In the case of an absence on test day a make-up test will be taken when the student returns to school.   
  • Projects: Students will complete one project every nine weeks for a total of four by the end of the year.

Again I am looking forward to a great year and each of you. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.
Best Regards,

Chris Jones